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Thread: On 20 March 2009 UnseenOnTV Moving Program Management In-House

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    Exclamation On 20 March 2009 UnseenOnTV Moving Program Management In-House
    It has been a pleasure working with this program.

    This is an advance notice that on 20 March 2009 the program's management will be moved in-house, and from then on, the program will be managed by Brian Reinhardt. You may contact him directly at the same e-mail address: affiliates /at unseenontv dot com

    Until 20 March I will be at the helm of this program.


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    I would just like to thank Geno publicly for all of the hard work he put in on our behalf. Geno was amazing in getting our program off the ground and recruiting a strong base of affiliates to work with. Under his guidance, the Unseen On TV program has reached heights that we never thought possible. Great job, Geno!

    As stated above, any contact after March 20 can be directed at me. We have several people in-house working to make sure the needs of all affiliates will be met. Thanks to everyone for your hard work, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


    Brian Reinhardt
    Affiliate Manager - Unseen On TV
    412-288-1300 x4166
    affiliates (at) unseenontv dot com

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