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    I've created an affiliate's mall for church parishioners to shop and raise badly need funds. There are over 50 different churches with similar names so I assigned them each an organization code so I could account on the back-end using LinkShare's Signature program. I've read Linkshare’s help and their PDFs about their Signature service.

    I've been able to append the user's id (their organization code) to url but I need some php programming to support the code being passed through on the click through to the affiliates and for LinkShare to account for the clicks and purchase.

    The site is a Joomla site and I've talk to a couple of programmers who claim they need the "Super Admin" password for the website to do the work. I'm concern because of the social capital at risk. I also have a hard time believing I'm the first to do this and there is not some code already out there. ????

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    Lets assume you have a link for the person to click to start shopping at the merchant...

    $link = '';
    $u1code = 'Whatever code you want to use. This is the code that will show in Linkshare reports';

    Then simply append the u1 code to the end of that link with:

    $link .= '&u1=$u1code';

    Notice the '.' after $link. That means you are adding another string to the end of the original variable.
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    Thanks for the reply. It got me thinking and I'm using a plug in called "Usermeta" which allows me to customize the params and assign each user a unique code. "u1=#code#" and the end of the link allow their code number to be passed on to LinkShare and accounted on the backend. Now somthing even more unique... It works on the site but not the Both are Joomla sites but with different templates. All the same modules. ????

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