Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* 12-15% commission
* $80+ average sales order
* Special discounts and coupons
* Commission duration 45 Days
* BYOL available

Renowned cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, is part of the Healthy Directions network, North America's largest publisher of health newsletters and the #2 mail order provider of nutritional supplements. Dr. Sinatra offers over 80 products ranging from the widely popular patented Omega Q with CoQ10, to Deep Water Seanol, Joint Solutions, Immune Defense and much more.

Dr. Sinatra offers special discounts only available on his website, and coupons for additional savings. Additionally, Dr. Sinatra offers outstanding research and information on health-related topics via his free newsletter.


Contact: adam.m.taff[at]