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    Seach Engines

    I'm in the affiliate business, but sometimes I'm a regular customer shopping around the net for things that I need. I find that google does not deliver what I am looking for, nor does Yahoo nor MSN. They are swamped with affiliate links, landing pages and pages that are pushed up the ranking even though they don't really give you what you were looking for

    The best place to search is in the forums that deal with that particular thing, but it takes a long time for this type of research.

    How do you guys find what you really need?

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    An out of the mainstream search engine like helps me find things that others miss. They break things down into categories or clusters.

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    Maybe it's not the search engines, I have learned a lot about how to refine my searches and use different types of tools available on the SEs. "Search Within Results", ect. There are countless shortcuts and helpers on most major engines.

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    I agree that search engines have a lot of progress available to them.

    The scope and speed of this progress will be very important to the success or failure of many affiliates.

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