Hey everyone,

As many of you know I left HometownQuotes on November 7. First let me say that it was a great 4+ years. We grew a company from nobody to 40 employees and from 2006-2008 we grew the affiliate department from about $5,000 in monthly payouts to over $9 million last year total.

I got to work with some great affiliates and will miss (most of ) you greatly. Just kidding, I will miss all of you.

I have taken the last few months off, planning the wedding, being newly married and enjoying Christmas and New Years. Now, I am ready to look for the next opportunity.

I am looking for an affiliate program that is looking to grow substantially in the right way. I am looking for a product or service that I can help promote that will have an impact on people's lives.

If you know of any openings or know of anyone who might be interested in having an affiliate manager for the first time (I LOVE starting programs from scratch!) please send me their information or send them mine. It is all in my signature

Thanks a bunch to my ABW family in advance!