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    March 31st, 2008
    How do you write a sales letter or wheres a good place to buy a sales letter ?
    advice on a sales letter

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    If you want to write the sales letter all by yourself then visit some of the websites which provide information on how to write sales letter. You can just google it you will get the information. However, you have another option, you can outsource . You can hire someone who can write effective sales letters.

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    We have a member here @ ABW who is an expert.
    Share your email via email and I will get him in touch with you.

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    In the past I have used for writing jobs.

    Post what you want and you will get bids and you are able to see samples of their work.

    I have paid very reasonable prices for the work I contracted.


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    Don't think it is a one time event. You will need to write, test, and rewrite the letter many times if you want to get the best conversion rate.

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