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    Does anyone have info on AFF Metrics?
    Good Morning everyone,
    I signed up with their Pet Program and something is not kosher .My host panel and ppc marketing report 167 clicks to the turnkey site,and they report 34.I have spoken with the Aff Metrics manager and no straight answers yet.Does anyone have info? Please advice, I am new to this.Thank you all.

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    You're probably talking about TrendRevenue vs. AFFMetrics. They're related programs, but AffMetrics is a lead program where TrendRevenue does the turn-key pet sites I talked about in my blog.

    They track and report on clicks that hit their servers (clicks to the cart) while your PPC reports are for clicks to your site. It sounds like you've had 34 cart visits for your 167 clicks. That make sense?
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    Aff Metrics Bad News
    AFF METRICS and their parent company TrendRevenue are a ripping off of web site operators. They contract with you to direct traffic to their site in exchange for PAY per prospect schedule and then refuse to pay... even though they show that they have had success with your prospects... . I have talked to upper management and only got to chase my own tail. They promised to pay and then told me that they were low on funds. Now they wont return e-mails or phone calls . Avoid these guys at all costs
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    TrendRevenue - Want to Know
    Drop a confidential note if your want to know more

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