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Thread: PetCareRx Now Offering Plush By Melissa & Doug!

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    PetCareRx Now Offering Plush By Melissa & Doug! is pleased to announce that in addition to providing you with all of your pet care needs, PetCareRx now offers lifelike plush for dozens of different dog breeds! It’s the perfect Valentine gift for the animal lover in your life.

    Here is the landing page:

    Breeds available include: Basset Hound, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Black Lab, Border Collie,
    Boston Terrier, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Dalmatian, English Bulldog, German Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Golden Retriever, Husky, Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer, Pomeranian, Pug, Rottweiler, Shetland Sheepdog, Shih Tzu, Standard Poodle, Westie, Yellow Lab, and Yorkshire Terrier.

    Here’s an example of the text link below:

    <a href="!!YOUR HANDLE!!?CTY=4&CID=2971">Cuddly and lovable life-like Plush Puppies at PetCareRx!</a>

    Happy selling!


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    awwwh I read that and ya got me all excited thinkin ya had gotten some bears. lol Don't suppose I could convince them that bears are pets, too. lol

    Even tho I'd have loved it if they were bears they'll still be good to have for stuffed animals category.

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