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    best opm's?????
    who is considered to be the top three OPM's in the industry?

    thank you.


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    No one will answer that.

    Read through the OPM forums and digest what they have to say, and you can figure out who are the best of the best.
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    I'd have to tip my hat to . . . . but then again that is my personal preference.
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    I'll have to agree with both Haiko and Alan. There are a lot of good OPMs that participate here at ABW. I have some personal preferences, but keep in mind that various OPMs have different areas of focus - resulting in strengths among various niches. You will need to see whom may fit YOUR needs the best.

    There are also services available at some networks that may serve your needs. Check out BUY.AT or for examples.
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    I'm not sure I could pick just three. There are so many good ones. Look for the ones who are the most active here on ABW.

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    The best OPM for you might be different than the best OPM for another merchant. Like any industry some OPM's have specialties. Look through the section that Haiko pointed you to and see what firms focus on your product or service. See who is active and sounds like someone you want to work with. Read their posts, see their tone, see how people have reacted to them. Then send some exploratory introductory emails.
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    Excellent suggestion!

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    If you're in a network already, or planning to work with a specific network, go to the network and ask them what OPMs they'd recommend - The best OPM can differ by which network you end up working with. If you want someone specializing in, it'll most likely be a different OPM than if you want to work with SaS, CJ, GAN, or Linkshare.

    If you don't have a specific network in mind, Debbie and Haiko have some good suggestions above.

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