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    Looks like most changes were in the background

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    It's like looking at baby pictures.

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    I remember using it in beta and being blown away by its accuracy and usability, I *hated* the internet search experience before (grrrr altavista) so google changed my world. It was simple, fast and did what i asked it to do. Ever since trying it in beta, i haven't been using any other search engine. Not once.

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    Here's AltaVista circa 1996.

    Of course, I was equally blown away by AltaVista the first time I used it back in 1995, with with all its 16 million indexed web pages and you could usually find what you were looking for in the first few pages of results.

    It was a huge improvement over the likes of Webcrawler, and AltaVista still has probably the most powerful query language of any search engine I can think of.

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    what's up w/ the Alta Vista blimp touring the USA?? just another waste of V.C.? - Make a statement!

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