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    Question Old appliances:

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    Was reading it thinking to myself.....hmmm, this looks awfully familiar. Yeap, they got it from the latest Consumer Reports magazine (it's the group listed as the credit)

    Will sound like a geezer but it is true. They don't make em the way they used to. Guess ummmm if they did then we wouldn't have to go replace em as frequently and they wouldn't make so much money. Think appliances will only last maybe half as many years now (if not less) than what they used to.

    Two years ago had to replace a vacuum cleaner cos it broke day after Christmas (had company coming so didn't wanna wait to try to fix or replace it, still kept it to clean down in the basement, tho well....attachment stuff still worked, just couldn't move it along any carpet or anything) It broke this past Christmas. Granted I hadn't spent a fortune for it and had been bought at a certain home and garden store (starts with an H) which husband says their products are inferior. Same product you can buy somewhere else but guess maybe cos they're so big they may make a cheaper product just for them so it'll have a cheaper price but the same product will break much quicker than if bought somewhere else)

    But.....a vacuum cleaner shouldn't break after just one year. Woulda ended up costing probably half the original price to repair so bought a bit of a better brand that was on sale with accumulated gift cards. Original vacuum had lasted 15 years before it broke (and like I said, can still use the attachments part of it just fine) Have a little Texas Instruments calculator that's gotta be maybe 35 yrs old and it sill works.

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    Damned right, new stuff breaks after a couple of years. That way they can sell you replacements, built in some Chinese sweatshop.

    If I look about the house, there are some appliances (cooker, TVs, VCRs) that are 20 years old and work just as well now as they ever did. Heck, some appliciances I've had have been passed down through generations of family and friends. But sometime in the past few years, the quality of stuff has gone waaaay downhill.

    Sure, stuff is really cheap these days. But I don't necessarily want cheap. If I buy a kettle or microwave, I expect it to WORK. And never mind the inconvenience, the environmental costs of producing all this worthless cr*p are astronomical.

    Personally, I think that BY LAW all appliances should have a 5 year guarantee. Yes, stuff will cost more.. but then it will also last longer.
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    Okay, do water heaters count as an "appliance" in this case? If they do, I suspect I've got the champ.

    We had an old water heater in this house when we moved in March 15, 1980. (Old house -- 1911; old residents -- 1945, 1947; old water heater -- age unknown)

    It burbled and gurgled along for YEARS doing it's job well. The last couple of months, it hasn't been heating as well and some water started leaking out of the pressure valve a couple of weeks ago.

    When the plumber replaced it last Thursday, he scraped the gunk off around the serial number plate on the old thing and found it was manufactured in ... (drum roll, please):


    Oldest working water heater the plumber had ever heard of.

    Haven't decided whether to laugh or cry ... water heaters cost a TON more than they did just a few years back.
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    My parents still use the Toastmaster toaster they bought before they were married. In 1940.

    We used it every day when I was a kid and I understand it still gets used almost every day. And it still looks brand new.
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    i still use the 40's model chambers stove that came with the house my folks bought years ago. Used almost daily and works like a champ.

    The toasters I buy, maybe last a year...

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