Here's an idea, for those of us faced with updating a gazillion shops (well, more than 100 or so):

My big worry is replacing a product that is shown 'inactive' but which is getting a lot of clicks. Once I'm inside the shopbuilder, there's no way to see what products are getting clicked without going out to the Products list.

What about changing the border of the thumbnail in panel 3 to 2-3 pixels of blue or green, whether it's active or inactive, if it has received clicks? Right now, when actively picked, it gets a thin dark red border. With 3 pixels of green, that'd still show through when the item is selected.

This would make product shifting a snap, too - just drag all the green-bordered product to the top of the matrix, and all the product people have clicked on will be high up.

For even cooler results, the seven-day clicks could be visible in the Details dropdown or (gasp!) even on hovering!