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    Why you shouldn't promote Carnival Cruise Line
    You send your visitor to their website and they browse the cruises and create an account.

    The following day Carnival Cruise Line will call your visitor.
    I have double checked this by creating two accounts in different names, and I got a call for each account the following day.
    I think what happens at this point is that your visitor will be assigned to the Carnival agent, and the agent will get a bonus/commission from Carnival if the customer book.
    This is where your commission is lost.
    From here Carnival tries to make it impossible for your visitor to book online. At the final checkout step, he will get the message that he's phone number is already in the system and to call Carnival to finalize the booking.

    I was there with someone making multiple bookings, so it was easy to double check this. It was not possible to go through with the booking unless you went back in to your account and changed your phone number or unless you booked from an old account where you haven't received the agent call recently.

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    Yikes. Thanks for the very informative and helpful post.

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    Looks like they are one of the only travel co.'s I've seen that pays on both sale and lead ($1.25)

    If it works the way you say, they should pay (more) on leads only.

    Anyway, I'm glad they 'declined' me.

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    thanks for the info

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    I have to say though, their agents are amazing... at least mine for the cruise I'm going on next week is lol.

    But yeah, professionally they need to separate out the channels properly. Or track the phone calls, which CJ is actually working on being able to do they've told me.

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    Thanks for the information.

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