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    I don't understand it....
    As you guys know the only type of marketing I do is content marketing and SEO. So for my prom dress site I applied to a merchant that sells I suppose clothing for I guess young fashionable adults. I know that people who attend the prom will be going off to coillege the next year and will probably need a new wardrobe, besides who says you can't wear a $250+ designer dress to the prom. After I was rejected I asked for an explanation, this is what I got, does it really make any sense given it costs them nothing for me to try and sell their dresses

    Hi Mike,

    After contemplating our decision, we decided to go against adding your site. We really feel that you site doesn’t match our target demographic. Thanks for applying and I wish you best of luck with your site.


    Does this mean if someone who isn't part of their target demographic arrives on their site, they make them leave? Does this mean if I would link to their site for free they would actively try and make me remove my link to them. Ever since getting into selling female clothing I've got these rejections and it just doesn't make sense.

    You know I was promoting a certain designer's dresses through a merchant and then as luck would have it that designer started their own affiliate program so I applied and was denied admission. Does this mean that they want me to stop selling their dresses through the other merchant??? I just don't get it.
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    Not sure about the amount of visitors you have or ranking for whichever network but think that may have to do with the decision sometimes with me. I've been rejected a few times with the "designer names" cos psssst to be honest I think they're just kinda snobby and don't wanna be seen on the same page as some of the other merchants who aren't a designer name. lol Most don't do that, tho. Least in my experience. Also, don't know if ya feature any coupons or not but they may reject ya for that reason, too. Regardless, just forget about em. It's their loss and concentrate on the other ones. Now, if only I can listen to my own adice. lol

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    Hey, Moo-Man, don't feel badly. Some of those "folks" don't make sense. Here's one of "my" examples...

    I have a community site (online nearly 10 years and will receive over a million visitors this year) about the area around the stadium for the Baltimore Ravens. In fact, I live within a short walk of the stadium. Last year I applied to be an affiliate to sell their licensed merchandise. They turned me down - or, at least, that "outfit" that does their marketing through CJ turned me down. So I emailed their marketing department. Five weeks later I received an email with a phone number - and NOTHING ELSE. I called and left a voice mail. No one ever returned that call. A few weeks later I received a call from the Ravens' marketing department. They could not really help - other than to tell me to call that other number. I suppose I'm not a big enough CJ player to be accepted.

    But I did find out that Redskins Gear, through the 'Skins own program sells quite well in this neighborhood. So I am putting together a page for each of several rival teams who have fans in this area. Jason and Football Fanatics will help out greatly with the appropriate products.

    Some merchants, no matter how big and successful, seem to have little understanding of affiliate marketing.

    Take care. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next AffSum.

    - Bill
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