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    Question User Agent: WordPress/abc
    Today, all day i have been getting some weird traffic by users agent types like ---

    User Agent: WordPress/abc

    with many different ip's
    like --

    when i checked out that ip it turned out to be a apache server default "Great Success !
    Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server"

    I dont know wordpress systems / apache servers ..

    but i have a feeling this server(s) are either hacked by someone who is using there systems to grab data or like someone has a bunch of servers which they are using to feed wordpress blogs?

    What do ya think?
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    Noticed the same user agent too. Haven't seen it before. IP address: Three different user agents, same IP addy, same visit:

    The Incutio XML-RPC PHP Library

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    That just sounds like some wordpress automation. There are plugins for WP that will auto link to other sites. Not uncommon.

    That server does not sound hacked. That is the default apache page for any server running cpanel/apache.

    Doesn't sounds dangerous yet.
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