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    Anyone ever use Submit It? Do you recommend it? Sounds like a low cost and effective way to submit your sites to SE's.


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    If you click on the "Tools" entry at the far-right side of the toolbar near the top of ABW's pages, you'll find a free "Site Submitter" there.

    I used it recently, and while a lot of submittals failed, a lot went through. It gives you feedback right away on success/failure.

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    If your site is already in Google it's a waste of time submitting your site to the search engines again. Google knows your site is there and so do the other engines.

    If you are not in Google I suggest getting your link on at least one high PR site. If you do that, and constantly make changes to your site. Google will come back again and again and again. Google comes to my site pretty much every day. My listing gets updated in Google like every other day.

    If you are not in Google you are probably not in DMOZ. That's where you need to submit to. Once you have a listing in DMOZ and Google and get a link on a high PR page (PR5 or better), if you keep your site updated, you will never have to submit to the search engines again.

    You are in Google already...

    Google search

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