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    Prussakov article in Website Magazine
    Once again Geno Prussakov makes us proud with his latest article in Website Magazine entitled, "Limited Potential Syndrome and 7 Deadly Sins of Affiliate Marketing".
    Brilliant as usual.
    Thank you Geno for being such a great and respected advocate for Affiliate Marketing.

    (you will need to sign up to get access to the story)
    Dyan Carlson
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    Yes, another great article by Geno - well done.

    You can access it here without signing up
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Great article, right to the point.
    Great job, Geno
    If you don't want to search or sign in, here's a direct link

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    very nice - a well written summary of most of the main complaints discussed here on ABW

    superCool hopes enough of the right people will read it and understand

    great job Geno

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    WTG! I've got it in print form - right here.

    Nicely done Geno. Your contributions to the industry are educational and appreciated.

    I like the paragraph about the first "deadly sin" - about Leaks. It brings to mind something I have thought about writing - on behalf of individual affiliates/publishers: Intentionally) Creating Leaks for Fun and Profit. One day I'll chat with you about ideas for such an article.
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    Great job Geno. Hopefully this will help some merchants improve their programs, I'm pretty sure that there are many that don't even realize that these things could hold them back.

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." - Richard Nixon

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    Good job, Geno. Maybe one day more merchants will realize how much money they lose to unscrupulous affiliates, and how much more profitable they would be by only dealing with honest ones. Everyone can always improve, including me, but you have to want to do it right in the first place. One may not always be able to catch every bad guy immediately, but one can keep trying. I recently had a merchant seriously ask about getting 8,000 orders a day in the first few months after launching a program. It was not a big brand name, but rather a brand new business. Some goofballs out there apparently led them to believe this was a realistic expectation that they could achieve without cheating (but that they would not be able to audit any transactions). I refunded the merchant's money.
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    Thank you for this thread, Dyan. Glad you liked the article. I'm hearing that the Website Magazine has over 100,000 subscribers. That's good to know.

    Denis, Zeus, superCool, Bill, rematt, Jack, thank you all for your comments and compliments. What an encouragement to keep on going!! Thank you, folks.


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    Great article, Geno. I think you should add the link in your sig.
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    Excellent article Geno! Great place to send some starting merchants before you even spend time advising. Think of the time you'd save 'pre-educating' them

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    Overall real good, some of #6 is a little off tho - "In addition, once you turn over your trademark to the highest bidder, you lose control over how it is presented."

    Actually you can gain control.

    And there is a whole other side where it actually makes sense to allow it.

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    Great article Geno! I actually needed to be reminded of one of them for sure!
    Matt McWilliams
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    Great Aricle Geno..

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