Swarovski has just launched their new Spring / Summer 2009 collection called Super Nature.

The new collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, bags, and clutches. Check out the link here to view the entire collection.

The new collection includes stunning pieces like Strawberry Charm, Gorgeous Erinite Satin Pendant, Green Pierced Earrings, and the Nirvana Emerald Ring.

We've uploaded new text links for you in your management area:

Below is a deep link directly to the Green Pierced Earrings
<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/!!YOUR buyat HANDLE!!?CTY=4&CID=2908">Green Pierced Earrings</a>

Below is a deep link directly to the Nirvana Emerald Ring

<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/!!YOUR buyat HANDLE!!?CTY=4&CID=2909">Nirvana Emerald Ring</a>

Below is a deep link directly to the Gorgeous Erinite Satin Pendant
<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/!!YOUR buyat HANDLE!!?CTY=4&CID=2907">Gorgeous Erinite Satin Pendant</a>

Below is a deep link directly to the Strawberry Charm
<a href="http://buycrystalus.at/!!YOUR buyat HANDLE!!?CTY=4&CID=2906">Strawberry Charm</a>

**** Please remember to remove !!YOUR buyat HANDLE!! from the links and insert your Handle

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