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    Google slap: Time for action...
    Hello Friends,

    I noticed that Google does not do the "minimum bid" concept anymore and I've not seen a major slap since 8+ months. This could be related to the lawsuit an Adwords advertiser has filled against Google and it is finally making it to the mainstream press.

    If you are experienced with the "Google slap", it could be beneficial for us, Adwords customers, to have the "google slap" revealed to the public. I encourage you to contact the journalists writing these articles and to offer them more technical details if they are interested.
    I've already contacted the NY Times, if you do contact a journalist, and fell comfortable sharing which publication, please post the publication name here.

    All the people I know and/or talk to at Google/Adwords/GAN have always been very nice and professional (some of the most talented people in the industry), so this action is in no way directed at them. This action is directed at revealing this officially un-acknowledged "google slap" behavior to the light and see what happens from there. The result might be a better and more transparent Adwords program for all to enjoy.

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    Interesting article delsol, thanks for posting.

    "Advertisers have a huge range of choices, said Andrew Pederson, a Google spokesman.

    Actually, if advertisers want to reach 70% of the market (or whatever big G's share is up to now), we have one choice. And if our definition of "quality" differs from theirs, we're out of luck.

    Since recovering in October from my last slap, I haven't been hit again. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed my good fortune continues.

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    first posting heer. googles notorious for kickeng out the competetion. Thread bumping time, did a search and this is what I have found.
    ABW Posting Google Does not deal well with competition.
    Would like to speak to the owner of that thread. will keep my eyes out!

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    This is a big deal, my minimum bid is gone on a campaign I paused earlier this month due to bad ROI.

    So I've cut the bid in half, but now it says it's too low for the first page of results. There are only 2 other ads on the page and my bid is too low for empty spot #3?

    I am really starting to dislike the G.

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    We have lots of choices. Google or don't. Seems simple.

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