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    OneNetworkDirect - SubID tracking Syntax
    I added a subid to to my onenetworkdirect's affiliate link, but it didnt show up on my conversions. This is the link I used

    What am I doing wrong? Or is the problem at the network end?

    Please note that I have removed all unique ids (affiliate id & product) & replaced with generic nos. - trust this will not violate any policy.


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    OneNetworkDirect does not have a rep here on ABW so I would suggest that you email someone at that network to get a valid answer. I know they are hard to reach but you could try megan at digitalriver com (DR is the network's parent company).

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    February 19th, 2009
    many thanks, i will contact megan. I did try their in-house support & got a standard email, which didnt answer my question.

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