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    Best CPA affiliate networks?
    Hi guys,
    I would like to ask other merchants...
    Could you please share your experiences with advertising networks you've placed your affiliate programs on?

    Our affiliate program has $1000 per sale payoff (pretty high), but we are in B2B space. Yes, sale is closed on-line so, we are ok with tracking, but majority of ad networks are B2C.

    Can anybody share:
    - what networks were profitable for you (comparing setup fees and return) is you are a B2B merchant. Can I see links to your program on those networks (presentation)?
    - same question if you are a B2C.

    What networks and what accounts from your experience give better ROI, managed or not managed?
    With no/low setup fees (like ClixGalore, RevenueWire,, etc.) or high setup fees like CJ, PapperJam etc?
    Did you make over $100,000 in sales from any network? If so, what product/program were you marketing?

    Thank you very much for sharing.

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    What are you willing to PAY for the info ?

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    I noticed that you are posting the same thing on a few different forums. I would recommend going to various merchants directly if you're really that interested. I'm sure if you give them a quick call or email they would be willing to share some experiences with you.

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