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    To Flash or Not To Flash
    I am thinking of getting Flash. Seems like a good tool to create non-javascript slide shows and also to create some animations.

    Is there some free tool out there that could be used to do this instead?

    Is flash worth the $600 or so dollars?
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    I think Flash is best used to make video players or games. When it comes to doing user-interactive elements it's definitely best to stick with Javascript/AJAX.

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    Is it worth $600? It depends if that is what you like to do, animations, for fun, hobby or to incorporate into your website, then maybe... If you are into animations, I'd say go for it. It's like someone thinks a Porsche is worth it and others like their buggy. They all get you from point A to B.

    To make slideshows? I make slideshows with Windows Movie maker and then use the Flash CS3 Video Encoder that just converts it into Flash. That is different than the Flash CS3 Professional. I don't know if they sell them separate or not but they all came bundled for me in CS3. The Flash CS3 Pro does allow you to make custom players, etc. but again depends on what you use it for.

    Did you try it out? What did you think?

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