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    Validate E-mail address
    Does this happen to everyone at LS? In the things to do it CONSTANTLY goes to you have to Validate your e-mail address!

    LS I'm Getting really sick of this!

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    Used to happen to me a lot.

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    it happens to me frequently. its actually a function of the number of emails that bounce back from your mail box. one the number reaches a set amount (and i don't know what that is) the message pops up.

    its a mystery to me, because i have been using the same email for more than 5 years. but you can go in the contact info and click on send a validation email,.

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    I also see this thing every once in awhile. It is always the same account and email. I guess it is because sometimes the email bounces, but like you mentioned, this account has had the same email for years and years. I just go in and request the email, verify it, and move on. I guess it is just big company nonsense we all have to put up with.

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