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    Smile spam question
    Before I get slammed with RTFM please remember mail admin is NOT my area I am just being asked to help solve a problem as fast as I can.

    layout: Zimbra 4.5 on RHEL 4 (plenty of memory)

    Split configuration:
    1 MTA (only mail, spam etc)
    1 MailStore, LDAP, etc

    First of all I am trying to determine why some obvious spam is getting through.

    1) Whenever I do a zmcontrol status on the MailStore the logger is always not running (have to restart it). There is no logger on the MTA (as far as I can see) in a split config should the loggers be installed and running on both? (I ask as I do not see any spam related logs) I see clamd, freshclam, and spamtrain but not logs showing me that spamassassin/amavis is doing (or not ) doing its thing.

    2) I tried sending the spam through our similarly configured test env and I cannot get it to go through, I keep getting a BOUNCE message in the maillog. I am trying to use telnet from a different internal host. Any tips on me getting this to go through?

    3) The clients are using Outlook. Am I right in saying that in order for the users to submit spam to train the system they will have to explicitly forward it to the zimbra spam lover email account? I know in the web interface you place it in junk and it forwards it to that account.

    Thanks for any tips. I can provide more detail so ask if you need it

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    This is definitely a case of RTFM because it is going to be specific to your clients needs and set up.

    And stop dropping your sig in your posts.
    Deborah Carney

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