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    I'm not a web designer, but I've been using the HTML 3.2 hand-markup skills I learned to make my X-Files fan site many years ago to maintain the sites of a couple of choirs. A few months ago, I got the bug to make them ADA-compliant, else I would still be blissfully unaware of CSS and XHTML.

    While I've been reading about modern markup techniques, a couple of singers asked me to make sites for them. I told them I didn't know enough to take their money, but that I'd like the opportunity to practice on their sites before I undertake a gut rehab on the choir's site. I'm waiting for them to send me files and copy.

    Their sites will be straightforward, on the XHTML side at least. But I'm concerned about how I'm going to explain to them how to maintain their sites once I'm done. I imagine having to type up a manual, where I explain every rule/tag on each page, what it does, and how to change it. Which would be educational for me, but a chunk of work, and I'm afraid it might overwhelm the singers, who have no previous web site experience.

    I've looked around online for resources, and it seems like the community of amateurs with sites on geocities, etc that I sought help from when I started out has gone, along with the low-end WYSIWYG editors, eg, FrontPage, GoLive. New webizens have blogs, but, even tastefully skinned, they look transient to me. I wouldn't recommend one in place of a static site, unless the user was going to make frequent blog-y updates.

    Which takes me to the next concern, how I'll turn over the choirs' sites eventually. I'm afraid that if I re-write everything with modern mark-up, it's going to be even harder than before I came along to find someone who's able and willing to keep performance dates current. I've read about a few open source cms's, but I get the sense that they require someone who can troubleshoot PHP/MySQL hanging around in the background. I know of a few churches who've contracted out for that service, but the choirs are both pretty close to the bone, financially. Does anyone have advice on how I can plan for my obsolescence?

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    Blogs can be skinned so that they don't look like blogs. You have probably been to blog sites and didn't know they were. When a client needs to update their sites and doesn't know html etc, a Content Management Systems, of which blogs are one type, are certainly the way to go. Your skills would be used to create the template that would make that CMS look unique and have SEO in place so that the client can go into the future without you and have a site that functions as intended.
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    FrontPage is still available with a new name and many new fearures added.

    It's now called Expression Web 2 instead of FrontPage.

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    A blog is definitely the way to go for website newbies. Static pages useless because nowadays every website owner needs to post new things, announcements, news etc

    I suggest you look into wordpress customizations and use this script to make pages for your clients

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    I second, third & fouth the suggestions to look to blog software for easy to use CMS. And to make your job easier as a designer, there are a couple of themes out there that offer very flexible solutions to creating a variety of XHTML compliant themes. Google Thesis and Wordpress Remix. They both offer developer licenses at very reasonable fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy
    FrontPage is still available with a new name and many new fearures added.

    It's now called Expression Web 2 instead of FrontPage.
    Thanks for the link BurgerBoy, I've been using Frontpage forever (even before Microsoft bought them) but didn't know of this new "version"
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    I've been using Frontpage forever...
    Me too, but after moving to Vista, and having problems installing Frontpage on the new computer, I went to check for other similar editors online...

    Last week I found KompoZer, and I think I like what I see. I guess now I have to get use to it, before I give up on Frontpage on this computer. KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.

    KompoZer is a complete Web Authoring System that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing capabilities found in Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe DreamWeaver and other high end programs... Source:
    Btw, KompoZer is free!

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    Good to see work on Kompozer is continuing, even if for only one platform. It was quite promising when I looked at it a couple years ago, a really nice work.
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