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    Please, get your Valentine's Day stuff up NOW!

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!
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    Yeah, it needs a chance to get indexed!

    I wasn't putting it up before Christmas but now it's time...

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!~Old Christmas Song

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    Yep those Valentines Car Waxing products are going to be Hot Oops sorry yes, Mondera, everything is on the way, new banners are already up on LinkShare. Site will go "Valentines" next week. New engagement ring DRMs should be (had better be) ready next week too.

    I guess we could do a front page focus on Heart Belly Buttons? Not sure if that'll make much difference though I need to check last years sales data on if we picked up traffic on heart piercings. I totally missed Halloween!

    Net Magazines, business as usual, nothing seasonal expected here.

    KegWorks - Super Bowl and play offs are the next focus

    Deluxe Grills - Summer is coming so we'll hope to see sales pick up here in early Spring

    DriveWerks - Again as the weather gets better people will be spending more on upgrading and sprucing up their cars.

    Left On Main - Potential not in the seasonal sales are but again I think more people look at home improvements as Spring moves in.



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