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    Is anyone familiar with AWAI travel writing/copywriting affiliate programs?
    Hi All,

    I've signed up for the AWAI affiliate program but am having the hardest time finding out how long their cookie lasts.

    Here's what they say:
    The cookie is good for as long as you’d like to remain an affiliate. If at any point we change our coding system we would contact you and provide you with your new information.
    Trouble is, I can't find the cookie... and last year they told another affiliate there was no cookie (although in fairness that could have changed by now). I'm still waiting for a more detailed answer from them.

    So if anyone has had any experience with them, good or bad, I'd be grateful to hear.

    Cheers and thanks!

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    Hello Scribetrotter. Welcome to ABW.

    Interesting niche you have chosen. Your site looks great and there is plenty of room in the "travel" vertical.

    One word of caution, however: You should NEVER have to pay to be a part of an affiliate program. If you do it is likely a scam. The people who make money doing what "those types of programs" promise are the people "selling" the information.
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    The AWAI Affiliate Program is free to join. You're paid for selling their Travel Writing courses or other products.
    It's what I understand. I'm not one of their affiliates.
    Interesting website Scribetrotter. I like to travel, too.
    Not only I can't find how long their cookies last but I can't find their commission level. I don't like to sign up before having all the facts.
    "Infallible Tracking System Ensures You Get Credit for Your Orders" They should not write stuff like that. Nothing is perfect, not even their tracking.
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