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    RSS Feed Problem with Channel Link
    So I created an rss feed using php and mysql. The feed itself looks fine, all of the <item> elements are good.

    When I add the feed to My Yahoo or iGoogle, the main link at the top of the feed is incorrect from what I defined in the rss as <channel><link></link>.

    In the rss, I have at the top <channel><linK>http:// www . sss . com/new.php</link>

    The url for the rss feed itself is http:// www . sss . com/RSS/ new-rss.php

    After I add the feed to My Yahoo or iGoogle, the main top link for the feed shows as http:// www . sss . com/RSS/ new.php

    I don't have that link defined anywhere so I don't understand how it is creating it.

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    Just a thought did you include a php header:

    PHP Code:
    header("Content-type: application/xml"); 

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