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    Angry Looniest Termination letter: Vivid Seats (SAS)
    I got my first and only (so far) termination letter today from Vivid Seats. Reason given: Coupon site

    huh?? I have a coupon site? I seriously doubt that any of my sites ranks within the first several hundred pages for any coupons. I do offer coupons for merchants that have them (why should I omit them?) but no one could mistake my sites for coupon sites by any stretch of the imagination. Vivid Seats does not offer any coupons, and I certainly don't promote any non-existent coupons. Most of my pages with coupons don't even use "coupon" as a keyword in the metatags for petes sake, it's just there on the page if someone wants to use it.

    Look out if you're signed on to this program, they are nuts.

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    They probably like toolbar affiliates though.

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