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    I made calculation for you ..

    - Supose, I sell my book at a price of USD 149,-.
    - And must pay 50%, USD 75,-. to a (Super) Affiliate each time I sell a book.
    - Supose, we sell 3.000 books.
    - That makes me pay the (Super) Affiliate USD 250.000

    The question is .... Can I sell 3.000 books for that kind of money with a good online strategy (and I am sure it is good).

    What do you think?

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    Everyone that wants a copy will become an affiliate first to get it at half price. So no affiliate can make money promoting the book.

    At a bookstore you can browse through a book and see if it is really useful before you purchase. I would not pay that much for a book that might not have anything useful to me in it.

    Cut the price way down and give the aff $5.00 commish.

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    January 17th, 2005
    $149 for a book? won't be easy to market it.

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    $49.95 is a good rate unless you are a very well known person.

    Try to get the eyes of Opra (or similar show), make sure you have your entire affiliate base ready to push your book after a showing.

    After that you will drop off into oblivion again but it will be a good stepping stone for other engagements.


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