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    Signing up for Popshops, then for everything else?
    I'm trying to help my fiancee figure out Popshops and whether it's a good option for the blog side of her business.

    So let's say I have a blog. And I see that Popshops allows me to pick a product and pop it into my blog.

    A. I have to sign up with the network and the merchant first. True, I think.

    B. If I want to blog lots of topics and pop in, ultimately, lots of products, then I would basically need to sign up with every network and every merchant to be able to freely grab a product and pop it in. True? False?

    This seems like a lot of work, but I'm thinking there's no easier way, because one would need to be signed up as an affiliate to get commission.

    Am I missing something?

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    To get product links in any format you need to sign up for the merchant who has the product(s) you want, and the network their program is in (except for independent programs that some merchants may have, including big ones like Amazon and eBay {neither of which is in Popshops}). You can then get product links for most merchants through the specific network interface, or use a datafeed tool like Popshops, which is easier and generally quicker. While not every merchant whose products you desire are in Popshops, not every merchant has individual product links available through their network interface, either.

    Bottom line - Popshops is a quick and far easier method of getting individual product links into a website, blog, squidoo lens, or whatever your preference, and info such as pricing is automatically updated, saving much time later on as well.

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