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Thread: World Keeper Shop live on Webgains

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    World Keeper Shop live on Webgains
    Good Morning,

    I am pleased to announce a new program to Webgains - World Keeper Shop.

    World Keeper Shop exists specifically for goalkeepers and their shopping needs. World Keeper Shop makes shopping for goalkeeping gear and equipment fast and simple. The site carries an enormous selection of goalkeeping gloves, jerseys, shorts, pants, and equipment.

    By joining the World Keeper Shop Affiliate Program, you can open your very own online goalkeeper shop and make money by providing’s best selection of high quality, hard-to-find goalkeeping gear on your own web site!

    The program is offering 8% commission on a 30 day cookie. For more information and to join, please click here . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me - edelaforce[at]

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    There's a shop I need to visit! Do you know if they ship International Emma?


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    Hi Chris,
    Emma's off today

    They do deliver international but it's expensive. You'll have to fork out at least $20+ and you may get customs charges on top if they screen your package... I'm sure they deliver to Thailand as well.
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