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    Clean Up Email List Script
    Anyone have a PHP script that will open bounced emails, determine the original recipient address, and delete it from an MYSQL database?

    Really, all I need is a script that will open a bounced email and get the contents. I can handle parsing the contents, grabbing the email address, and deleting from the database.
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    This is the code you can use to get e-mail content to $email array. Make sure "#!/usr/bin/php" matches the path to PHP on your server.

    #!/usr/bin/php -q
    /* Get the mail data */
    $email = file ( "php://stdin" );
    /* Break if empty */
    if (!is_array($email ) or implode("", $email ) == "") 
    die('Empty mail');
    /* Now you have all the e-mail lines in the $email array, go through lines to find the one you need... */
    foreach ($email as $line)
    /* Do something ...*/

    Finish the script, upload it to the server, chmod to 755 (if on Linux) then all you need to do is setup your e-mail to pipe emails to the script (for example send mails from "" and set this address to pipe to the script), for example if you have CPanel:

    You'll find more example codes here

    Hope this helps!
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