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    Content theft and copyright violations
    How do you handle sites with no contact information that steal copyrighted articles, wipe out the @copyrighted by _____, the name of the author and any link to the site that first published the article, place the articles on their own sites and claim them as their own? Outright theft.
    Keep in mind that some of us pay staff writers hundreds of dollars a month to help bulid interest in our sites as well as help with SEO.
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    report them to the site host?

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    This topic really irks me and detest anybody that does that. I just decided to research how to prevent this from happening and considered joining . Does not prevent it from happening but you can try to catch it quicker. Also just disabled right click on one site. I know it may annoy visitors, but so far didn't see a change in bounce rate or drop down in visitors. I have had to hire a lawyer to go after one site but that is when I knew who the offender was.

    I would:

    * report them to the host. If they are private listing, you can still get the info from the host.
    * report them to Google (this one helps)
    * if you have a blog, post the offending site up there to show visitors who they are. (if all else fails). I won't post direct links but maybe screen shots.
    * report them to industry associations

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    File a DMCA COMPLAINT with the host to get it taken down.
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