We’re pleased to announce that US affiliates can now get paid direct to their US bank! Webgains has always recognized how important it is that our affiliates get paid their commission as soon as possible so that they can reinvest into their sites/campaigns to grow and manage their business more effectively. If a merchant has authorized your commission payment, we don't see any reason why your affiliate network needs to hold on to that money any longer than necessary.

The majority of our merchants are also set up on ‘prepay’ meaning they must maintain a positive balance in their account at all times so that once a transaction has been approved you can get paid it at the next payment run, rather than waiting for an invoice to be settled. For you to take advantage of this new feature, you need to log in to your affiliate account, click on 'payment details' and select 'domestic bank transfer' (see below). Complete your payment details in the required area and we'll ensure you are paid every week.

If you have any queries about setting your account up to receive weekly direct bank payments then just drop us an email or ticket or post here and we’ll talk you through it.