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    if i get targeted traffic for a merchant, but the sales volume is pretty low, can the cause be that the merchant might be partnering with some sort of scumware?

    I didn't explore that subject very much so I don't know much about this...

    if the merchant does use scumware somehow, how can I know about it?


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    There can be many reasons for a low conversion rate with a merchant. Parasite partnership is just one. Also a merchant maybe targeted by a parasite, but not be partnered with them. They may not even know it is happening. The easiest one to check is for ebates (as far as a merchant partnering). Go to and check the merchant list to see if they are listed with a % back by their name.

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    Also check the Whenu/Shopnow roster of merchants and any other parasite using TopMoxie. You can bet if a merchant is lauding coupons as a conversion tool they are teamed up with parasites. The wanks need some extra "incent" food to go along with outright thievery.

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    Ok, I checked ebates and the WhenU DB and the merchant doesn't seem to be listed there, does it mean that most chances are that it's not scumware related?

    what other reasons can be for low sales volume from targeted traffic?


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