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    The following is a summary of "trusted merchants" on this board that are associated with "one of the affiliates" identified in the latest incident reported by Ms B with affiliates interfering with other affiliates cookies.

    BackCountryStore,,, Collectibles Today,,,,, J C Whitney, Mondera, Motor Mint, Netmagazines,
    SeaEagle, Superstore Electronics,,, WebUndies,

    The following is a summary of non "trusted approved merchants" on this board that are associated with "one of the affiliates":

    GSI Commerce (Fogdog, Sports Authority, K-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Modells, MVP, Progolf, Reebok Store,, MC Sports, GartSports, Oshmans, Sport Chalet, "and more")
    Siera rading Post, Surpluscomputers,, eVitamins,, Oreck,,, Bare Necessities, ColdwaterCreek, Szul, Discount Candle Shop and

    I can't help but wonder how such knowledgable merchants can openly partner with people using 1x1 iframes with auto cookie setting scremes as well as forced clicks popping up merchant ads. I do understand there is much to monitor and that it's always not easy but it seems abuse is rampant.

    I'd like to think that merchants take meaningful steps to prevent their programs from being compomized and that the networks would assist them with bots looking for infringements "caugh caugh" and complience teams but given the results shown above, I can only surmize it's a job thats not being done very well.

    I have a windows based utility program I wrote that makes identifying cookie changes "either by clicking on a link" or by going to a site easily identifiable and will provide it free to any AM that would be interested in using it to help them detect foul play by their affiliates. You can easily see what cookies were written from a url click or "site visit" as well as double click on cookies changed to see what ids were written in the cookie (and you don't have to go delete all the cookies to see what was impacted either).

    The program is basically at it's lowest level a cookie washer (except washing of cookies "or backing them up for comparing changes on future clicks" is done only on demand). It also has other affiliate network related functions you would likely find useful and you can also specify cookies to be excluded from deletion.

    If you're visiting affiliates sites frequently and or want to be able to do some quick checks for cookie manipulations due to suspicion, this program will help you easily identify abuse.

    A typical example to check a site or link would be to:
    1) Use the utility and backup the cookies which is (lightening fast)
    2) Click on a link or go to the site.
    3) "Inspect cookie changes" which shows the cookies that have changed and a double click o a cookie opens the cookie in your editor of choice.
    4) You can choose to keep clicking and see sequential changes to cookies or do another backup, click on links and refresh the screen with what was just changed by the latest click.

    PM me if you're interested in the tool or if you need identification of this
    "one affiliate" who has compromized your program.

    ** Have you asked for change? **

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    The "one affiliate" was expired from the eVitamins CJ program last week. Any future affiliate discovered to be participating in this type of activity will also be expired.

    To Good Health & Wellbeing,

    Chet Brzezinski
    eVitamins Affiliate Manager

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    I just expired the affiliate in question from Irvs and ExecutiveEssentials. Just contacted one of my AM's to do the same. Thanks Poon!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by happypoon:
    I do understand there is much to monitor and that it's always not easy<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    You got that right. It would be nice if I could devote entire days to figuring this stuff out and monitoring everyone.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>but it seems abuse is rampant. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    It is seeming that way. I'd be interested in your application, can you email me details?


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    Might be an interesting job oppurtunity.

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    There was a huge long thread about a site with sub-domains in the Search Engine Insight forum started by SamyT. If you clicked on one of their product links, you were taken to the Merchant site after a few seconds. Not all of the Merchants did the redirect, but quite a few did Sports Fan Fare being one of them.

    They are with pretty much anybody and everybody, including a LOT of Merchants here.

    I checked and as of Today, they are still doing it. They were named many times in the thread.

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