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    Pay Toilets on Airplanes?
    I'm glad these CEO's are always thinking of ways of making us customers lives more pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simcat
    I'm glad these CEO's are always thinking of ways of making us customers lives more pleasant.
    Their carpet / upholstery cleaning bills would soar...

    Wonder how many 2 year old kids will "hold it"?
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    A new mile high civic system will emerge. Just pee in a plastic cup in front of the toilet and return it to the flight attendant.

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    LOL. This is just hilarious. I can't imagine what they will think of next.
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    jacked by sylon
    Quote Originally Posted by sam_park
    A new mile high civic system will emerge. Just pee in a plastic cup in front of the toilet and return it to the flight attendant.
    No - just stuff it into the magazine pocket in the seat in front of you.

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    I hate flying Ryanair already. The indignity of racing to the aircraft to get a good seat did it for me years ago.

    When I lived in ireland I actually got a job handling baggage for Ryanair, but on the phone when the guy told me the job was mine - he then went on to talk me out of it due to the poor working conditions and low pay!

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    Pay Toilets on Airplanes?
    The head of budget European airline Ryanair unleashed a flood of indignation and potty humor Friday when he suggested that future passengers might be obliged to insert a British pound coin for access to the lavatory to get some in-flight relief...
    That may be just a publicity stunt but...

    If they really wanted to charge a British pound to those that used the toilets on their airplanes, they could just add the small fee to every passenger airline ticket, and no one would even notice the difference, that way the airline would make more extra money and without pissing the general passengers and those that may or may not need to go...

    The devil is in the details...

    All they have to do is add the fee to the total airplane tickets without divulging the added fee at the time they mention the price of the airplane total fare, just like the telephone company do to us every month...

    If everyone looked at their phone bill in details, I wonder how many people would complain about all of those small extra fees that are included on their bill, every month...

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    Airplane companies have lost their minds. I cant even imagine getting on a plane and having to look for a pound coin when you have the flu or something. Remind me not to get a seat next to the toilets on any airline this becomes the norm. Either people go to the bathroom in their pants right in front of you or you become the cashier changing different countries notes and / or loaning people money. What a joke.

    I actually find it unbelievable when restaurants dont have toilets. Like fast food places.... Strangely one restaurant gets it right and makes clean toilets a standard at all locations. What fast Food Restaurant is that folks?

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    I have a hard enough time paying tolls!

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