Has anyone had any success finding out when the Motherhood Maternity product links will be working again?

Linkshare sure doesn't know what's going on -- in fact, after I had wrestled with this problem for three days, one of their staffers emailed me to tell me that my links weren't working and that I should update my links. When I told her what was going on, she said she wasn't even aware there was a problem. She emailed me back to say that it would be fixed that evening. New links were issued the next day, but they only worked for 24 hours. All product links on their data file are reverting back to the Destination Maternity home page. When I call Linkshare I get a recording that the company is in an all day meeting.

This is really a shame all the way around since most of their online competitors in the maternity affiliate marketing world are gone. Motherhood Maternity had a good chance of taking over the market - but not if we can't get our customers to their website.

Anyone having the same problem? Any ideas? Linkshare ABW moderator can you step in and get me some real answers?