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    Nigerian Scam e-mail sent to my CJ address
    We have all gotten the Nigerian scam e-mail where some doctor needs help with several million dollars that he has and he offers you part of it if you help him get it out of Nigeria. Most of these I have gotten through my public e-mail addresses that I have with Yahoo or Google but this morning I got one through the special e-mail address that I have set up with Commission Junction. I have special e-mail address set up for each network that I deal with but it seems that CJ is the only one that I have to keep changing as for some reason this address falls into the hands of scammers. I also deal with Linkshare, Shareasale, Pepperjam, Google/Performics, Linkconnector and Bridaluxe and have never had to change the e-mail for them. It seems like every 6-8 months I have to do it with Commission Junction.
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    It seems like every 6-8 months I have to do it with Commission Junction.

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    It is most likely a problem with one of the merchant you have signed up with, somebody who has your contacts details and a trojanised computer. As opposed to being a problem at CJ.

    I have exactly the same problem with an Australian affiliate network, and one or two other places that I have signed up that have a data breach.

    Now, if anyone else has the same problem with a CJ-only address and you can figure out which merchants you have in common, then it might be possible to track down where the problem is.
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    The Nigerian scam spam is unusualy resilient , able to jump tall firewalls in a single bound. All you can do is what you are doing..that and wonder why there is a single human in the world that will still fall for this poorly crafter con game.
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    We have so many cases happening in India about Nigerian scam..surprisingly even educated people are falling prey to this Nigerian scam, we recently had a doctor who paid money for processing Job papers to these Nigeria guy for a job abroad and realized he had been cheated, then there are house wife's who are sitting ducks for these scams.

    Our print media and television media is running regular stories to educate people here about these scams and not to fall prey to them.

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