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    If a site has a page where they offer a book mark to a merchants site that contains thier affiliate link?

    Link this:

    <* a href="java_script:window.external.AddFavorite['', 'Link description!')">Bookmark Merchant Name Here<*/a>

    I have found a site doing this and I am just curious.

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    From an affiliate's perspective I'd say no, because the customer has to intentionally click it before anything happens. Also, if another affiliate's site closes the sale, chances are the buyer will just click the link that's showing, in their face--and that's the link on the affiliate site.

    But some merchants may hate it because it would negate their attempts to have cookies expire, but I am not sympathetic to such objections. Chiselers who try to game us with baloney like 1-day cookies or Action Occurances = 1 deserve to get gamed right back.

    Personally I think that's a GREAT marketing angle!! Real genius there; it's about time somebody came up with something innovative.

    (For the record, no, it's not my site.)

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    That is actually a great idea. Dang...

    Is it the right thing to do?

    Why not the customer literally clicks on the link with the intent on bookmarking, so there are no tricks involved.

    When I frame a merchant I notice people bookmark my frame, which of course carries my affiliate PID. Does this count as a parasite? I hope not because this is how I obtain repeat sales!


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    I don't consider bookmarks as parasitic, and yes it's genius

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    I don't think it's parasitic at all. I do hope the end user is notified before clicking that it will place a bookmark on their computer, though.

    If not, it's still wrong without being parasitic. You can't take advantage of others and gain from it. In the long run, it always comes back at you.

    Done responsibly and respectfully, it is a good idea.


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    haha - wish I thought of it

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    I certainly consider tagged bookmarks fair game and a smart idea as long as it is a user requested and created Book Mark.



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    I know that Performics doesn't even allow an affiliate page to be bookmarked if one of their merchants promoted on that page, on stand-alone basis.

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