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    Taxes and Online Sales
    So I have sold a lot of stuff this year and made a lot just on clickbank.

    Anyone have any advice on taxes at all. It almost seems dumb to be paying normal taxes since it is an online based income where I could be working in any country that doesnt have income taxes.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. I know this year I will pay them as normal but would setting up a bank account abroad make any sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mweidner2782
    ...but would setting up a bank account abroad make any sense?
    Only if you enjoy indictments for tax fraud.

    Everyone who has been in this business awhile and who makes a profit pays taxes just like we would for owning any other business, whether as a individual/dba or corporation.

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    If you made income, then it is reported as income. I assume you are a US citizen.

    Heck, they even want you to report bartering!

    I have a CPA do my taxes, just to make sure they are done right and to minimize chances of audit red flags. Every penny of affiliate income gets reported, regardless of whether I get a 1099 or not.
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