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    I got kicked from the program
    I got kicked from the program on February 13th because they said I was associated with a previously banned account. I have no idea what they are talking about. I can't get an answer either from them. I heard rumors they were kicking BANS users. Does anyone have any ideas? I never did enough with them to be too concerned but I am curious.

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    Can anyone confirm the BANS comment?
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    Don't think they are kicking BANS users. Google is the one that is having problems with BANS. However, if you don't use the script as the main script on your root domain, you will be fine.

    I set up BANS on a sub-directory after I have a blog or content site up for about 1 month or two and Google indexes the store pages created by the script as well. So far so good.

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    I think you see a higher number of BANS users being kicked out of EPN and playing in Google's sandbox because there's a large majority that think they can just buy a domain name, plug in the category number and leave it as-is.

    These are the "get rich quick" people that fail horribly. There's a huge number of out of the box BANS sites out there with absolutely no content. Just auctions accompanied by "Powered by Build a Niche Store" in the footer.

    I run several BANS fact most of my sites are BANS, but I've heavily modified the script and added content and they do well. If I happen to get kicked out of EPN then I'll go ahead and say they're on crack.

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    Pardon my ignorance... but what does BANS stand for?

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    Build A Niche Store

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