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    ok after checking my logs for my sad a** shopping mall site. i have noticed a new large piece of traffic finding my site by the what is a "parasite page" that i have on the site. Apperently people are searching for this stuff to learn more about cleaning there computer. its backdoor traffic i guess but who cares its free traffic

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    It would appear people are becoming more aware of parasites. I have a friend that runs a site with a “clean computing” theme and he is making some nice money on Google ads. Most of the Google ads are for parasite removal and spam blocking. Either the Adwords are costing a bunch making his cut more or he is getting a lot of clicks.

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    I've noticed on my site that people are checking out more stuff on parasites. The Google Adwords do quite well, as BradleyB mentioned. Kind of surprising; either my content stinks, or they quickly find what they want and they move on.


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