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    Looking for feedback to decide if my business would be suitable for alliliates
    Hello everyone,

    I'm a Dating and Relationship Coach and I've worked as an affiliate for some of the well known dating sites too.

    I'm writing this post today to get some feedback from this group.

    Does it seem plausible for me to establish an affiliate program to get new clients for my dating coach business? I am not running a matchmaking site, and nor is my business "adult" oriented. I simply help people who need guidance with online dating, or those who have relationship problems. Basically, I'm a consultant.

    I'm just trying to get a sense from some of the established affiliates here if you think it would be worthwhile for me to contact some of the affiliate networks and pay their fees to set up a new affiliate channel with them?

    Your comments, either publicly or privately, would be appreciated.


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    I think it could it work
    I think it's david deangelo has something like that i would promote that sex sells online and alot of men need dating advice theres a few others but if i were you i'd take a look at David Deangelo his site was one of the first I ever saw regarding the issue i could see it fly if it's done right!!! affiliates i would go through clickbank for a program like that if i were you!

    and tie it into online dating the problem you may face is people arent spending right now so it may take time to jump off

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    Internet Coach,

    There's a market online for everything. Your niche is very popular online and many dating sites do big biz so I would assume your program would be a "natural."

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    You need to be a KEEN affiliate. It is owned by ATT They connect customers with people offering phone consulting like dating advice. They pay $50 per new customer. If they call you then you then KEEN take 1/3 of the call. So if you charge 1.99 a minute you get .75 and the $50 for the new caller from your site.

    Actually, Ingenio is the site you need. Keen is the crystal ball junk.

    ATT owns All 3 of these companies
    nitelfirt: adult $100 per sale
    KEEN: tarot card type stuff $50 per sale
    Ingenio: professional services eg: consulting, taxes, online help, relationship help
    $50 per sale

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