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    CMS for product comparison site
    It's my second topic during a few minutes.
    I hope it's ok because I don't want to mix in one topic 2 questions.

    I want to get any advice about what CMS to choose for product (price) comparison site.

    I checked CMS for functionality on and read comments on

    Was keep in mind Joomla, Drupal, typo3 but show me that typo3 look better for my purpose.

    I think there are many other CMS but it's not real to try it all.

    My previous topic about CMS hosting related some way to current one.

    Waiting for your advice founded on practice.

    Thanks for advance

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    I'm a big fan of using WordPress as a CMS. The latest version is ridiculously easy to use and the development community around it is huge. The amount of plugins and themes available for WordPress is staggering.

    Install WordPress and then find a plugin called exec-php. This will let you write PHP code directly in pages or posts. From there it's a piece of cake to connect to your database to pull out the information you need and display it for the visitor.

    Joomla, Drupal or typo3 would most likely work perfectly well for your needs, too. It would be best to choose the CMS that other people you know use so that if you run in to questions, you have some people that you could ask.

    Hope that helps.

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