Hey Affiliates!

We're excited to announce our new ContentEngine Contextual campaign tool.

What is it?
- A technology that combines contextual advertising with buy.at's tracking systems
- An easy way to monetize copy on your website, blog, or newsletter
- A tool used to convert merchant brand terms into affiliate links

How does it work?
ContentEngine Contextual detects which merchant programs you are approved for, identifies their brand names in your copy, and hyperlinks each brand term to create an instant affiliate link. All you have to do is specify the section of the site you wish to monetize, and add a line of code to your site.

Getting started:
1) Login to your Management Area
2) Click on ďMake LinksĒ in the left hand menu
3) Choose ďContentEngine ContextualĒ
4) Follow the instructions for setup

What does it look like?
Hereís a sample:

If you have questions or need help getting started - don't hesitate to ask!