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Thread: Top 10 Language Pairs (by Demand)

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    Lightbulb Top 10 Language Pairs (by Demand)
    I have just encouraged those aboard the Langbridge affiliate program to build webpages focused on translation into specific languages, or better yet, between specific language pairs, but in addition to the list of the most spoken languages mentioned in my above-quoted post, you may also find the following list of help/use:

    Top 10 Language Pairs (by translation volume at Langbridge):

    • English into Norwegian
    • English into Estonian
    • English into Danish
    • English into Finnish
    • English into Korean
    • English into Thai
    • English into Swedish
    • English into Czech
    • English into Japanese
    • English into Dutch

    If haven't yet joined this program of mine, hop aboard - there's still plenty of room! We'll also have a conductor going around giving away GenoBucks (instead of checking tickets) - very soon.

    Last edited by Geno Prussakov; March 6th, 2009 at 09:27 AM. Reason: Clarification: these pairs are arranged by translation volume handled at Langbridge over the past five years

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