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    I have been known to make my fair share of mistakes and this may be one of them. If I am mistaken, I apologize.

    TheNerds says things like this on their site. They are "the ultimate resource for Video Games". They say "when it comes to finding the Video Games you need at industry-leading prices, the only place to go is TheNerds". They say TheNerds has put together over 120,000 name brand products, so we're sure to have Video Games you need".

    Now when I click the VIDEO GAMES section it tells me all of this. Their selection of VIDEO GAMES that comes up... ZERO. As in NONE!

    Isn't that like false advertisement or something? I did a search for a few popular Video Games and none came up. Maybe I am missing something.

    If I am right about this and they don't have a large selection of Video Games, then they are liars. If I put them on my sites knowing this, I am a liar.

    So, if any of TheNerds folks are in here, what's up with this? Are you an honest company or is that promise of a large selection of Video Games a con?

    Again, if I am overlooking something, I apologize. If I am not, TheNerds should apologize.

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    I think it is just an issue with their Category's on their site. If you look at their data feed or in Popshops they have lots of video games. I think the affiliate manager for them is Evan Weber, might want to check with him.
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