Hardly ever say somethin bad about a merchant but am beginning to lose my patience with some of them and guess this one has caught me in a bad mood.

I even tried to be the good guy. lol Applied to the program, got an email sayin I had been approved and proceeded to read it. I do have some traffic for this type of merchant but judging how this one has started off I don't wanna be in the program cos I don't think I wanna waste my time on this type of affiliate manager.

So, I am tellin the rest of you. If you wanna join fine but I have a feelin some of you may not and am not sure if all of ya read the welcome emails the way I do.

This merchant is on auto approval. Got approved immediately. Then.....in the email it states: If you are a new site or have little to no traffic please do not sign up as we have strict guidelines for approval. Affiliates must provide traffic within the first 60 days or will be removed from our program.

So....me tryin to be the nice guy. I took the time (which I didn't have) .....but stupid me tries to be the nice guy and attempts to help new affiliate managers or merchants when I think they've made a boo boo and ummm anger or alienate affiliates with their actions. So....I took the time to explain to them that some affiliates aren't even gonna get to puttin their links up til after 60 days. Some will read the same welcome email I got and not like it then will be turned off from their program or those won't read it then will get annoyed when they do get terminated. Told him he could go ahead and remove me.

Thought maybe he might pay attention to what I told him (don't know why lol hmmm sarcasm there. ok, as I said I am gettin a little bit tired as to how some merchants and/or affiliate managers have been acting lately)

Didn't make a new years resolution exactly but have decided I'm gonna think more about which programs, which affiliate managers, which networks I choose to work with at this point.

So.....any of you who may have a new site, don't plan on putting their links up right away (60 days) or don't have a whole lotta traffic.....and I'd be willing to bet there's gonna be an Oh by the way you're getting terminated now cos you didn't get any sales........am warning you of this one.

Probably not gonna be happy with myself later cos I don't like doin this type of thing but "Why are they on auto approval if they're gonna be like that" They did remove me and I checked and it's still on auto approval. So, maybe I'll save some of ya some time by either not joining them or not taking the time to put their links up if you're not sure you're gonna be able to produce for them right away. I tried to help this guy but obviously they didn't want it.